CAVIAR: Bottarga - Mullet Roe - Hand Made

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Handmade Bottarga Caviar is a delicacy enjoyed by Europeans widely.  Sometimes called the caviar of the Southern Europe, botargo is a Mediterranean specialty made of air dried and pressed mullet roe. 

A staple for many Europeans, this pressed sun dried caviar is known as botargo or bottarga in Italian, poutargue or boutargue in French, botarga in Spanish, batarekh in Arabic and avgotaraho in Greek. 

Italians serve Bottarga with olive oil or lemon juice as an appetizer accompanied by bread or crostini, or use it shaved in pasta dishes.  Croatians fry it. Lebanese serve Bottarga sliced, where each slice is covered with a piece of raw garlic and the whole is immersed in olive oil then eaten with flat bread.  You will probably have your own favorite way of using it.  To start experimenting, shave off thin slices for hors d'oeuvres or grate it over pasta, fish, or salads.

Ingredients: Mullet roe, salt. Price as each. Kosher certificate available upon request.

Kosher - Dried Mullet Roe - 0.3-0.45 lb/77-115 gr,

Imported from France.