CAVIAR: Osetra Imperial Golden

$159.80 - $7,676.30
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Osetra Imperial Golden Caviar is definetely one of the most sought-after caviar type in the world!  This is the caviar that used to be reserved for the crowned heads of the world only, and to this day the caviar variety is surrounded by myths and legends for its power to heal diseases and improving the stamina which are partially confirmed by modern medicine science.

The Osetra Imperial Golden Caviar is one of the best caviar experiences you will have.  Its – uniquely clean, sweet, crisp and "nutty" flavor gently fills your palate after every single grain lightly pops in your mouth.

The medium sized grains look pretty different from other caviars with noble golden yellow color and glossy appearance. This is the top product for every connoisseur and those who seek for finest things in life!