CAVIAR: Siberian Sturgeon - Farmed in China

$126.80 - $1,558.70
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Exotic origins and best pedigree is what this caviar is about.  The Amur River, shared between China and Russia has the sturgeon that has always brought the best caviars to this world. This Siberian sturgeon caviar is as refined in taste as the wild versions you may have tasted in the past.  In this caviar you will find medium sized black beads, tender and juicy, bursting with full flavor.  

The country of origin is China for this caviar, but let that fact not put you off.  China has refined its farmed caviar operations each year since its inception and now boasts quality that surpasses any known wild caviar.  The Chinese commercial caviar program dates back to 1997 when the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences released Siberian sturgeon into the Heilongjiang River.

We suggest a tasting session for you and your friends to try out all three farmed Siberian Sturgeon Caviars we offer.  See which ones you like the best.

Species: Acipenser Baerii