French Cheese Pont l'Eveque 7.7 oz.

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Pont l'eveque Grain d'Orge - soft washed rind cow's milk cheese - 7.7 oz/220 gr, France. Packed in a nice wooden box. Probably the oldest Norman, it takes two liters of milk to make one Pont l'eveque of 8.8 oz. After washing, the rind is moist and ochre in color. The pate is creamy yellow, fine-textured, and smooth. It sinks under finger pressure but has no elasticity. As the cheese ripens, the rind grows sticky and reddens, and small holes spread through the pate. Further ripening will result in pate that glistens with fat when cut. There are lingering traces of sweetness in the taste. During the affinage, the cheeses are washed, brushed and turned. Compliments: This cheese goes well toasted with walnuts and grapes. Appropriate wines: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Cabernet, Merlot. Percentage of Fat: 45%