French Goat Cheese Crottin Maitre 2.8 oz.

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Crottin Maitre - goat's milk aged cheese - 2.8 oz/80 gr, France. Maitre Seguin is a living cheese. It is not wrapped and can thus ripen slowly, gaining in character, when kept in the fridge at 4°-6° C. After three weeks it becomes dry and crumbly and is excellent served with aperitifs. The best time to serve is at the end of the meal - white wines when the cheese is young or red wine when it has matured. With fresh bread, it is ideal for snacks or wine and cheese parties. The characteristic goat taste increases steadily when the cheese is kept at 4°-6° C. Appropriate wines: Red or white Sancerre, Morgan, Gaillac. Percentage of Fat: 50%