French Goat Cheese Picandou Nature Frais 1.4 oz.

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Picandou Nature Frais - fresh soft goat's milk cheese - 1.4 oz/40 gr, France. This dazzling milk cheese is an altered version of Cabecou. Wrapped in a walnut or plane leaves, Picadou has natural goat cheese flavor and it becomes creamier the more it ripens. It is created in the Midi-Pyrenees and is crushed with peppers, adding a perfect taste. Soft, pasteurized goat cheese, fresh and milky. It can be eaten with chives or honey, in olive oil and spices. Texture: The hard rind is covered with touches of blue, white or yellow mold. The pate is firm and homogeneous. Taste: Its pungent odor, with a sweet and sour taste, gives this cheese a light sourness that is delicious. Compliments: Goes well with olive oil on a salad and tastes great grilled. Appropriate wines: Light and fruity wines, Sancerre White Saint Joseph. Price for each.