MOUSSE: Saffron Mousse

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The Bittersweet Mousse with Saffron is an innovative product, a new way to enjoy the heavenly flavor of saffron, perfect to surprise your guests with the most expensive spice in an ethereal form, emphasizing both taste and elegance.
The Bittersweet Mousse with Saffron is a smooth, frothy foam of soft consistency, perfect for decorating many of your dishes. Saffron features in European, North African, and Asian cuisines. Its aroma is described by taste experts as resembling that of honey, with woody, with earthy notes and slightly bitter hints. Because it imparts a luminous yellow-orange hue, it is used worldwide in everything from cheeses, confectioneries, and liquors to baked goods, curries, meat dishes, and soups.  You can use this mousse in a variety of situations to top appetizers, main dishes or desserts. This soft Mousse will delight your palate, provide you with a touch of Innovation a great taste and wonderful deep yellow color with light shades.
Aroma: The aroma is fragrant, fresh and young, with a distinct hint of Saffron.
Flavor: Balanced, fine, pleasantly sweet and sour, with a good flavor of Saffron.