Sevruga Caviar 'Malossol'

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This Caspian fish Sevruga caviar has a distinguished, smooth, buttery flavor. Its fine grains are of a slate-gray to black color and crunchy texture. The grains of this Sevruga caviar are the smallest of the sturgeon caviars but, compared to the Beluga and Osetra sturgeon caviars, Sevruga has the strongest flavor of the sturgeon caviars. This makes it a favorite of many of our customers. Enoy a caviar prepared only with pure gourmet sea salt, yielding "Malossol" caviar of exceptional quality.

Our 1, 2, and 4 ounce selections come in glass jars. Our 1.75 and 5.5 ounce selections come in attractive crystal glass jars, perfect for gift giving. All other sizes come in elegant traditional tins. Labeling may vary slightly. Shelf life for this caviar is 4 to 6 weeks refrigerated (ideally at 28 to 32 degrees).

This Sevruga caviar is FARMED in the USA under ecologically sound methods which closely mirror the natural conditions for the Bulgarian Acipenser stellatus fingerlings.