Siberian Sturgeon - Farmed in France

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This Baerii Osetra Caviar 'Malossol' farmed in France is highly praised by connoisseurs for its unique clean, sweet, crisp and 'nutty' flavor, and large grains of the color ranging from grey to golden brown.

France has been farming sturgeon since 1989 when a number of Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii) were imported from Siberia. The environment in which the caviar is producted, is very highly controlled in terms of fish husbandry, with top quality fish being selected from a continuous breeding programme. The harvesting and production of caviar is conducted by skilled professionals under the correct conditions to ensure it is only the highest quality roe which is transformed into caviar.

Our exprets feel this product is the most ecologically sound sturgeon caviar produced and imported from Europe, this combined with fantastic reviews from our gourmet customers, makes this caviar a perfect Sturgeon caviar

FARMED in France

Species: Acipenser Baerii