Spanish Cheese San Simon 2 - 2.5 lb.

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San Simon - cow's milk smoked hard cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, Spain. Surrounded in the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean and mountains from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, Galicia has always been a remote region of Spain. This isolation fostered an ancient cheese culture. Here the Galacia cows graze on the lush green pastures and bear milk that its people have been making into cheese for generations in the town of Villalba. San Simon is aged 2-4 weeks, lightly pressed and then gently smoked for 2 weeks after leaving the mold. Inside its red, polished brown rind, San Simon has a creamy, buttery, smoky flavor that ranges from mild to piquant. Compliments: San Simon can be enjoyed with fruit and raw vegetables and is also excellent served with fruity desserts like pies and tarts. Appropriate wines: Rioja Alta, Penedes, young cabernet. You can also try with beer.