Spanish Cheese Valdeon 1 lb.

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Valdeon - cow’s or mixed with goat's milk creamy blue cheese, cut cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, Spain. Milk: Cow or mixed with goat. Texture: Blue Cheese. Flavor: Intense blue flavor. Color: Whitish inside, wrapped in sycamore maple or chestnut leaves. Region: Leon. Pair with: Smoked & cured meats. Drink: Gamay grape wine. This blue cheese is made deep in the Picos de Europa, just outside of the province of León. Produced with cow and goat’s milk, Valdeón is sought after because it is milder than DOP Cabrales and is still characteristically wrapped in leaves which make for an appealing presentation. It has an excellent balance of sweet and tangy, with a nice earthiness at the finish.