Spanish Goat Cheese Garrotxa 1 lb.

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Garrotxa - goat's milk hard cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, Spain. This goatÂ’s milk cheese was once produced solely in the Garrotxa area of Catalonia. This is the area of the Pyrenees region of Spain that is furthest to the East, lying right on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Spanish Garrotxa cheese has a white interior with a very creamy texture that is surrounded by a natural mold rind. It has an unusual but mild flavor with a light acidity and a hint of hazelnuts. It melts very smoothly, but we like to eat it out of hand. It is sure to become a new Spanish favorite. Appropriate wines: Garrotxa is delicious with young fruity white wines, such as the white Albarino from Galicia, Oloroso Sherries from Jerez, Muscatels produced in Navarra and Valencia, Spain.