Swiss Cheese Appenzeller 1 lb.

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Appenzeller - cow's milk semi soft cheese. 1 lb/454 gr, Switzerland. A traditional cow's milk cheese produced in various sized wheels in the Appenzell region of Switzerland. The cheese has a pale, yellowish-orange color and a firm texture. It is bathed in a mixture of wine, spices, and salt which produces an orange rind that is hard and dry. The flavor of Appenzeller is rich and buttery which sharpens with age. It is excellent for snacks, sandwiches, grilling, or as a melting cheese. This Swiss cheese is made mostly in the canton of Appenzell, which is near the Austrian border. It has a pleasing, smooth texture, but this cheese's real charm is its fruity tang. Compliments: Appenzeller makes a great snack with a piece of fruit, and it also melts well. Great for fondue.