Swiss Cheese Gruyere 8 oz.

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Gruyere - cow's milk hard cheese - 8 oz/225 gr, Switzerland. Gruyere is a buttery and toasty-flavored cheese. It is hard with a firm, yet pliable texture. The texture is dense and compact, yet flexible. It is this density that makes it stronger and less stringy than Emmental when heated, so it is better for grating, grilling and in soups. When Gruyere cheese is first cut, the aroma suggests a million meadow flowers trapped in rich, creamy milk. Sligtly grainy, the cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavors – at first fruity, then revealing a more earthy, nutty characteristic that lingers on the palate. Uses: Serve it with red or white Burgundies, a range of Rhone reds from Cote Rotie to Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Bandol, Alsatian reds and whites. Great accompaniments are: Red apples, hazel nuts and hearty breads. A classic cheese fondue.