Swiss Cheese Tete de Moine 1.8 lb Full Round.

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Tete de Moine - cow's milk hard cheese - 1 lb/454 gr, Switzerland. Tete de Moine was invented by monks at Bellelay Abbey, in the Bernese Jura mountains. 'Tete deMoine' means 'monks head' and derives from the tax levied by the abbey whereby the farmers would provide one cheese for each monk during the season. The Swiss cheese is formed into the shape of a short cylinder. It has a firm, straw yellow paste and a spicy, fruity flavor and aroma. It is matured from four to six months and receives regular brine washings which produces a red sticky rind. Tete de Moine is often shaved using a special cutter called a 'girolle'. Shaving the cheeses releases all the aroma and flavors. Sometimes it is eaten with pepper and powdered cumin. Compliments: This cheese goes well as a fondue or melted into soup or pasta. Appropriate wines: White Burgundy. Great for a Swiss gourmet food gift.