Whole Duck Foie Gras - in Aspic with Brandy 6.34 oz

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Duck Foie Gras Micuit in Aspic with Armagnac Brandy - whole, ready to eat - 6.34 oz/180 gr. Product of France. Semi-cooked, pasteurized and ready to serve Suggestions: Lift metal lever. Firmly pull plastic seal to release vacuum. Warm-up dessert spoon with hot water. Scoop out spoon-size portions. Display on center of plate. Decorate with aspic. Add ground pepper to taste. Serve chilled but not ice cold with or on French bread or brioche. Do not spread on bread to fully enjoy the rich texture and delicate taste. Serve with late harvest wine or Port wine. Ideal for a party of 4. Ingredients: Duck liver, aspic with Armagnac brandy (water, gelatin, Armagnac brandy), salt, sugar, pepper, ascorbic acid, sodium nitrate.